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Jul. 16, 2014   Kentaro Nomoto (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
Jul. 01, 2014   Yukako Wagatsuma (Attorney-at-law) and Sachihiko Fujimoto (CPA&LTA)joined our firm.
Jun. 01, 2014   Takehito Tabuse (Attorney-at-law), Masaki Nishitani (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
Mar. 06, 2014   Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices now offers the service of providing advice to creditors of MtGox Co., Ltd. (a Bitcoin exchange company based in Tokyo) as a part of its international bankruptcy practice. For further information, please feel free to contact us by email (
Feb. 17, 2014   [Publication] ”Different Types of Dispute in Sports Law”-by Koki Tada (Attorney-at-law), Koji Ishida (Attorney-at-law) and Sunao Tsubakihara (Attorney-at-law) was published by Sankyo Hoki Publishing.
Jan. 06, 2014   Sakiko Tajima (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
Jul. 18, 2013   [Publication] "Legal Practice concerning Brand Management Brand Business and Legal Regulations in Trademark Law" was published by Sankyo Hoki Publishing.
Jun. 03, 2013   Takehiro Fujita (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
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