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Nov. 08, 2016   Takehiro Fujita held the seminar entitled “Update of Syndicated Loan Agreement under Amendments to Civil Code“ on Wednesday, December 7.
Jun. 04, 2016   Mr. Koki Tada, an Attorney at Law, attended the annual conference of Lexing Network held in Shanghai, China.
Jan. 05, 2016   Yuto Nawata (Attorney-at-law), Ippei Suzuki (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
Oct. 01, 2015   Takehiro Fujita held the seminar entitled “Central Control of Business Fund and relevant Regulations – CMS and Global Cash Pooling” at Financial Management Forums, Inc. on Wednesday, September 30.
Sep. 16, 2015   Koki Tada held the seminar entitled “Cooperative Relationship between Company and Law Firm for developing Global Legal System” at Japan Institute of Business Law on Wednesday, September 16.
Sep. 14, 2015   Kyoko Mogi(Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
Sep. 01, 2015   Tomoya Kainuma (Attorney-at-law) joined our firm.
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