Practice areas Labor law, Insolvency, Corporate law, Financial Instruments and Exchange law, Tax law
Qualified 1975
Bar Association Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association
Education LL.B., Meiji University Faculty of law
Languages Japanese, English
Management and Law Committee, Board Member
Tokyo Summary Court, Mediation Committee Member
Admitted as Attorney at law, joined Yoshiro Oshimo Law Office
Vice Chairman of the Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association

Ogawa Transport K.K., Trifo K.K., Keihin Jitsugyo K.K. (Each Bankruptcy Administrator)

Shokusan Jutaku Sogo K.K., K.K. Cesar, Shoei Fudousan Inc. (Each Civil Reorganization Management Committee)
Honorary Legal Adviser to the British Ambassador to Japan
Chair of Regular meeting, Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association
Q&A on M&A and Corporate Restructuring under the New Company Law ( Chuo Keizai Sha )
Casebook: Standards for Dismissal: Actual Examples [Revised] ( Shin Nippon Houki )
Case seminar Tortious Act / Default Occupational Injury ( Gyosei )
The article "Issues related to the validity of downsizing the number of pilots at JAL" in the 30 July 2012 edition (Edition No.63-20) of "Bulletin on Judicial Precedents concerning Labor Economics".
Business Law for the General Affairs Department (Tokyo Employers' Association)
Issues on fixed-term employment, temporary employment (haken), and re-employment of the seniors (Japan-Cooperative General Research Institute)