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The Basics of Anti-Doping

Edited by the Sports Law Chambers of the Legal Institute in Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
Co-editor and co-author Yujiro Goda, Kengo Iida, Sunao Tsubakihara and Hiromu Taga
Dobunkan Publishing(November, 2018)


Different Types of Dispute in Sports Law

Koki Tada, Koji Ishida, Sunao Tsubakihara (Editors)

Sankyo Hoki Publishing (Published January 2014)
This single volume focuses on new issues relating to Sports Law. The book is divided into different types of contentious issues regarding sports accidents, which have become an increasingly big problem compared to the past. The book covers the basics surrounding Sports Law and disputes within this area of law.


Legal Practice concerning Brand Management
Brand Business and Legal Regulations in Trademark Law

Sankyo Hoki Publishing
This book focuses on legal practice in brand management, particularly concerning trademark rights. It contains volumes of real-world examples including precedents, complete with easy to understand illustrations-lists, photos, and other graphics, making it one of the most comprehensive legal guides to doing brand business in Japan. It also discusses the possibilities in extending trademark protections.


Introduction to IT Business Law – Law and System on Digital Network Society

Textbook on IT business relating law (Information law and Cyberlaw) and Cases


Introduction by Illustration: Easy-to-Understand Reality of Doping Testing and Practice

Koki Tada , Genta Irie , Koji Ishida

Shuwa System
This is a guidebook on doping testing and practice written by attorneys at our firm who have handled doping cases. The book contains user friendly explanations on doping tests, violations, doping practices, anti-doping organizations, doping testing methods, standard of sanctions and the arbitral procedures for filing objections using illustrations and diagrams. In addition, doping cases that occurred in Japan are introduced.

Shuwa System

Standards for Dismissal: Actual Examples[Revised]

Ginjiro Suzuki

Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co. Ltd.
Introducing 115 useful cases for issue resolution!
• Organizes and analyzes court cases regarding the effectiveness of dismissal and reveals its criteria for judgment
• Standards of judgment for each case are shown in an easily understandable view format. Based on the trend of law and practice since the publication of the first edition, it has been revised to include changes due to the enactment of Labor Contract Act and cases related to the dismissal for the purpose of reorganization involving business transfers. A complete review has been conducted and it contains the latest information with additional new cases.

Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co. Ltd.

Case seminar Tortious Act / Default Occupational Injury

Takato Natsui , Ginjiro Suzuki (Editors)

GYOSEI Corporation (published June 2009)
“In order for a company to get through this unprecedented economic crisis, a safe, appropriate and smooth performance of duties by the staff members and the employees is absolutely imperative. Therefore, the building of a daily management system becomes a key. This book is published as a book to learn risk avoidance from precedents in order to take action and handle problems concerning occupational injuries which are becoming social problems. It is a collection of precedents that is easy to read and use which organizes and categorizes precedents regarding occupational injuries and compactly collects summaries, case commentaries and decisions. “

GYOSEI Corporation

International Civil Law; International Private Law, International Civil Procedural Law and International Trade Law

Kenshi Hiroe

Seibundoh ( published June 2008 )
“An introduction to International Private Law, International Civil Procedural Law and International Trade Law trials which provides a bridge linking the current theory and practice in these legal fields.”

( BOOK database ) Purchase link:Amazon.co.jpSeven and I

Personal Information Protection Ordinances and Local Government Responsibility

Takato Natsui ( attorney, Professor of Meiji University ), Fumio Shinpo ( Assistant Professor, Tsukuba University )

GYOSEI Corporation ( published October 2007 )
“A unique book encompassing not only Local Government Personal Information Protection Ordinances but also Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs and Privacy Mark system and the related problems and solutions.”

( BOOK database ) Purchase link:Amazon.co.jp

M&A, Corporate Restructuring Practice Q&A Volume 2

PricewaterhouseCoopers / Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices ( Editors )

Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. ( published September 2007 )
“Multi-faceted commentary primarily on case studies of M&A and Corporate Restructuring examples. Also includes accounting and tax issues for three-way mergers and methods and tax issues for going private by MBO. Revised 2nd edition.”

( BOOK database ) Purchase link:Amazon.co.jp

M&A, Corporate Restructuring Practice Q&A

PricewaterhouseCoopers / Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices ( Editors )

Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. ( published August 2006 )
“Multi-faceted commentary primarily on case studies of M&A and corporate restructuring examples based on New Companies Act, Justice Ministry Ordinances, latest accounting standards and latest information on corporate tax as revised in 2006 and enforcement orders.”

( BOOK database ) Purchase link:Amazon.co.jpKinokuniya BookWeb

Complete Practical Guide to Company Law Related Rules

Masaki Konda, Kazuhide Akashi ( Editors )

Zaikei Shoho Sha ( published August 2006 )
“Thorough examination of practical considerations and points for utilizing in corporate management from front-line researcher and practitioner.”

( BOOK database ) Purchase link:Amazon.co.jp

Standards for Dismissal: Actual Examples

Ginjiro Suzuki

Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing Co., Ltd. ( published August 2006 )
“Divides over one hundred legal precedents on dismissal into four categories including dismissal for the purposes of reorganization, ordinary dismissal, disciplinary dismissal and dismissal after elapse of period of employment contract, and explains what kind of standards the courts have used to determine the effectiveness or otherwise of dismissal.” ( from MARC database )

Purchase link:Amazon.co.jpKinokuniya BookWeb

Details of Practice of New Companies Act

Masaki Konda ( Professor, College of Commerce, Nihon University ), Kazuhide Akashi, Shinichi Suyama ( Asuka Kyowa Law Firm ) ( Editors )

Zaikei Shoho Sha ( published September 2005 )
“Definitive edition for practice of Companies Act. Explanation by front-line researcher and practitioner of the important points in practice of the new Companies Act.”

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