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Privacy Policy

1. Fundamental policy

Information is collected on visitors to the website of Hayabusa Asuka Law Offices (; hereinafter referred to as “this site”) within the scope required for the smooth operation of the services provided including information provision via this site, contact functions, etc. The information collected is handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of the information.

2. Scope of information collected

(1) This site collects information on domain name, IP address and viewership of this site in the form of access log.
(2) Cookies
This site pages do not contain cookies.
(3) If using the recruitment related pages, you may be asked to provide information including your address, name, age, telephone number and email address.

3. Purpose

(1) The information collected in accordance with Provision 2 herein will be utilized for the smooth operation of the services provided by this site.

4. Limits to use and supply

The information collected shall not be used for any purpose other than that specified in Provision 3 herein and shall not be supplied to a third party, unless required by law or other extraordinary reason such as unauthorized access.

5. Applicable scope

This Privacy Policy is only applicable to this site.

6. Revisions

Revisions to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this site.

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